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2017-09-30 08:35 am

Film Writing, July-September 2017

Apart from my Letterboxd and Twitter accounts, where I post daily (even if the latter feels more and more like I'm sending my 140-character missives off into the howling void), Crooked Marquee continues to be the main outlet for my film writing. To that end, I took a deep dive into the shifting group and power dynamics in Miguel Arteta and Mike White's Beatriz at Dinner.

Next, I turned my attention to "Hollywood's Proud Tradition of Mocking White Supremacists" -- a piece that was most cathartic to write.

Lastly, I marked the tenth anniversary of David Cronenberg's Eastern Promises with a close examination of it most revealing scene. And I've got two more pieces in the pipeline next month, so keep an eye out for them.

Meanwhile, for Werewolf News I covered Arrow's splendid release of 1975's Wolf Guy: Enraged Lycanthrope, the less-than-impressive Skinwalkers, and the 1972 TV movie Moon of the Wolf.
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2017-07-01 11:00 pm

Tell you what, 2017, I'll meet you halfway...

After writing for Crooked Scoreboard sporadically for the first few months of the year, I pitched my editor a five-article series covering the career of Michael Bay, a filmmaker whose work I had managed to avoid up until then. To my dismay he went for the idea, and thus the Michael Baywatch was born. Part I: Humble Beginnings takes in Bad Boys, The Rock, and Armageddon. Part II: Sneak Attacks encompasses Pearl Harbor, Bad Boys II, and The Island. Part III: Transform and Roll in the Dough covers the first three Transformers movies. Part IV: Gains and Losses goes from Pain & Gain to 13 Hours. And it all wraps up with my review of Transformers: The Last Knight, the last Michael Bay movie I ever plan on watching.

I also reviewed for Werewolf News 2014's Bubba the Redneck Werewolf, which is not the last werewolf movie I ever plan on watching.
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2017-05-11 11:00 am

Summer's almost here and the time is right...

...for a roundup of my writing for various websites over the past few months.

Working backwards, yesterday was a big one werewolf-wise thanks to the publication of Werewolves Versus Fascism, in which I have a short piece illustrated by my good friend K. Pease. The whole zine can cost you as little as $1 and it's for a good cause because all proceeds will benefit the Southern Poverty Law Center. I also reviewed The Werewolf Filmography: 300+ Movies by Bryan Senn. This was in lieu of my regular Full Moon Features column for Werewolf News, which so far this year has seen me tackle Neowolf, 2014's Beauty and the Beast, and the Ginger Snaps prequel and sequel.

Earlier this month, I Ran the Series of '60s Christopher Lee-starring Fu Manchu movies for The A.V. Club. This was my second Run the Series article for the site following the one I did on The Howling last summer. With luck, it won't be my last.

In the meantime, I've been steadily contributing articles to Crooked Scoreboard, starting with my appraisal of Kevin Smith's Chasing Amy on the occasion of its 20th anniversary. My other articles for the site include Bloody Valentines: 14 Blood-Soaked and Testosterone-Fueled St. Valentine’s Day Massacres, a roundup of Zodiac Killer Movies written in tandem with the tenth anniversary of David Fincher's Zodiac, and a tenth-anniversary appreciation of Edgar Wright's Hot Fuzz. And I have a major project in the hopper that will keep me up on the Scoreboard for the next month and a half.

Lastly, for Oscilloscope Laboratories' Musings, I wrote In The Loneliest Place: The Allure Of The Homme Fatale In ‘Stranger By The Lake’, which links that film to Nicholas Ray's seminal noir In a Lonely Place. As always, a pleasure to write for them.